The Rules of Sea Gambling in Relation to Cruise Ship Casinos

The Rules of Sea Gambling in Relation to Cruise Ship Casinos

One factor that contributes to the enormous popularity of gambling aboard cruise ships as a pastime is the ability of operators to circumvent some regulations by sailing through foreign waterways. However, if you intend to gamble while at sea, it is critical that you understand the regulations that are still in effect and how these laws influence your behavior while at the casino.

What are the legal implications of gambling while at sea?

There are several rules that can affect gambling at sea, but there is one golden rule that you should be aware of right away. This rule states that unless the boat is currently in international waters, any boat is considered an extension of the country whose flag it sails under. The exceptions to this rule are situations in which it comes within a certain distance of another country’s coast.

How far along do you have to be before you can legally gamble?

The first aspect of international gambling law that every person who gambles in international waters should understand is when this word applies. To put it another way, it is determined by the country from which you first left. In the United Kingdom, you must have begun a journey into international waters to be considered, whereas in the United States, you must be at least 12 miles off the coast.

If you are unsure about the local regulations in the country from which you will be departing, do some research ahead of time. Gambling regulations are not always easy to understand and are subject to change. For example, while it is not illegal to bet offshore in Israel, doing so on Israeli soil may result in severe penalties.

Are casinos available onboard each and every cruise ship?

The majority of cruise lines, if not all of them, provide opportunities to gamble on at least some of their ships. The one major company that is an exception is Disney. They do not have any casinos or other forms of gambling on board any of their enormous ships. Considering that Disney would want to make sure that their products are as kid-friendly as possible, that makes a lot of sense.

Gambling is offered on all of the other cruise ships to some degree or another. The general rule of thumb is that the size of the ship directly correlates to the size of the casino that is on board. The Oasis-class ships owned by Royal Caribbean International are widely regarded as the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise liners.

There are more than 450 slot machines and numerous game tables spread out across thousands of square feet in the casinos that are found on these ships, which are absolutely enormous. The Oasis of the Seas, a ship owned by Royal Caribbean, currently holds the title of having the most extensive casino in the style of Las Vegas that is found on a ship.

Taking Part in Casino Activities on Cruise Ships

The vast majority of people who gamble at sea do so in a cruise ship casino. Casinos on cruise ships frequently only provide low-stakes games and penny slot machines. High-stakes games, on the other hand, may organize one if there is enough interest. Because the majority of the other details are dependent on the cruise line you choose, it is in your best interest to do some preliminary research if you are interested in a specific game before setting sail.

Modern casinos on cruise ships

Today, gambling is a very common form of entertainment that can be found on cruise ships. Almost all cruise ships have game clubs, with the exception of expedition ships and the liners operated by Disney Cruise Lines, which host organized activities.

only trips for families will be taken. Playing in casinos is a higher priority than the trip itself for a lot of tourists coming from nations where it’s illegal to have casinos.

Some peculiarities of casinos on cruise ships

Despite all of the similarities, the experience of gambling on a cruise ship casino is very different from that of a regular casino. The fact that casinos on ships do not operate around the clock is one of the most notable differences. The evening and night are the only times that many businesses are open.

Because of the local laws governing gambling, these casinos are also required to close whenever the cruise ship gets within a certain distance of the land. However, this does not apply to you if you are sailing to ports in locations where gambling is permitted, such as Monte Carlo or certain locations in the Caribbean.

In addition, the casino is closed for the majority of the time that the ship is anchored in a port location. If your cruise ship docks in New York (in the United States) or Sydney (in Australia), for instance, the casino will be closed out of respect for the laws of those respective countries. However, as soon as a ship passes the 12- or 24-nautical-mile marker, the casino on board can begin operations because gambling is permitted in international waters.